Why before the monthly loin hurts


Feel back pain in front of critical days? This is quite normal, because the days of menstruation are often accompanied by painful feelings and poor health. However, there are certain things that a woman needs to know in order not to endure the pain, and if there are complications, then understand when you need the help of a doctor. Why back pain before menstruation? Let's try to figure it out.

Why does the back ache before menstruation? It is all due to the fact that the activity of the processes occurring before critical days affects all the state of the body. Painful sensations in character, but also felt in the lower abdomen. The onset of menstruation occurs with mood swings, irritability, discomfort in the muscle tissue, and breast swelling also occurs. If a woman is doing well with health, then she may not even feel that she is pulling back, and in general her menstruation will not bring her any discomfort.

Can the back before the menstrual period for those who have not given up? It is noticed that many women who have not given birth feel painful sensations before critical days. Also, much depends on heredity. Some girls may suffer pain, while others have a strong back pain before menstruation, and this causes them to panic, in which case it must be dealt with.

PMS is called premenstrual syndrome, it is felt for 7 days, and sometimes even ten days before the onset of menstruation. Identify it easily by symptoms:

  • Headache that appears unexpectedly.
  • There is a strong sensitivity to sounds.
  • Speech is getting worse.
  • There are problems with sleep, perhaps the appearance of insomnia.
  • Swelling appear.
  • Feels nauseous.
  • There are noticeable changes in the emotional state, sudden mood swings, irritation and moods appear.
  • Itchy skin inflammations.
  • Increase temperature.
  • Taste changes occur.
  • Reduced or increased sexual desire.

First menstruation

If, before the menstruation, back and loin for the first time hurt, it is not terrible, but it is advisable to visit a doctor. The use of drugs prescribed by a doctor will help calm down and reduce pain. To end the pain as soon as possible, you need to lie still and not move.

Physiological causes

Muscle uterine contractions occur, back pains appear. Often appear only for those who have a special physiological structure of the body.

Also, pain may occur if you have a very low pain threshold. Pain is a simple reaction of your body associated with changes.

Prostaglandins, which stimulate uterine contraction, provoke pain. With critical days, the hormone levels of progesterone and estrogen become lower, and it is difficult to cope with discomfort.

Stagnant fluid provokes internal swelling, not being able to completely exit the body. The reasons for this are hidden in the hormonal shift, which occurs at a certain time, and squeezing the nerve fibers due to the addition in volume provokes pain.

Also, the back can hurt due to the presence of an intrauterine device.

Many women and girls begin to feel a nagging pain in the back area before the beginning of the month. This unpleasant feeling can torment even the most resistant organism. Typically, the cause of such pain is premenstrual syndrome, which is very common among women who have not given birth. As already mentioned, its manifestations begin to be felt a week before the start of the menstrual cycle. Other symptoms are also very common:

  • Nausea and loss of appetite.
  • Cardiac arrhythmia.
  • Dizziness.
  • Various sleep disorders.
  • Unstable emotional state.

As a rule, the cause of these pains does not lie in any genital pathologies.

Medication for therapy

To date, experts believe that such manifestations occur as a result of hormonal disorders, namely, due to increased levels of the hormone estrogen and prostaglandin. The pains that appear before menstruation are aching in nature and are given to unpleasant sensations in the back and pelvic organs. Most women try to treat these pains on their own by taking different types of analgesics, but, as a rule, such treatment is ineffective and can only stifle pain for a few hours.

There are several truly effective methods to deal with the problem when the stomach and back are painful before menstruation:

  1. The use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which in this case are used as therapeutic. Usually they are used in the first few days of menstruation or for prophylaxis three days before they occur.
  2. In the second method is the use of combined oral contraceptives. They affect hormones, which cause pain, which ultimately leads to painless menstruation.

But it is worth noting that both of these tools has a lot of contraindications. Therefore, before applying it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Folk treatment

During critical days, many girls feel unpleasant pain. Someone suffers such moments, but not everyone is happy with this option. You can use drugs or resort to the methods of traditional medicine. Such recipes are the safest. How to get rid of back pain before menstruation with the help of traditional medicine?

  • Avoid hypothermia and cold during critical days.
  • Wear warm clothes, otherwise you may have inflammation of the appendages or the bladder.
  • Also, back pain is aggravated if your body feels a lack of calcium. That is why in critical days it is recommended to use dairy products.
  • Chocolate will also help to reduce pain, it helps the production of the hormone of happiness.
  • The methods of traditional medicine include the preparation of tinctures on the basis of the root of the elecampane, horsetail, celery root, mint or chamomile. Such infusions are not difficult to do, and a lot of costs are not required.
  • Use valerian in the form of infusion, it will reduce the pain.

Also another good version of traditional medicine is the use of snow (ice) and salt. You need to take a couple of glasses of snow, one salt, mix it all up. On a napkin you need to lay out the mixture. Such a composition must be kept a few minutes on the back.


Do you suffer from premenstrual pain every month? How to deal with it? Such phenomena are very unpleasant and bring discomfort to the woman. To get rid of this, you will need to adhere to certain preventive measures. They are simple, but can help cope with the pain before menstruation. Would need:

  1. Keep a monthly schedule. You need to track your cycle, it will help to be ready for the onset of pain in the run-up to menstruation.
  2. A week before the onset of menstruation, start taking herbal preparations. Broths should be with a calming effect. This is a proven and effective method.
  3. Drink plenty of warm water, it will improve metabolic processes.
  4. Constantly engage in physical exercise. The abdominal muscles and back should be strong.
  5. In the usual diet, enter as much as possible greens, lactic acid products.

Back pain before the onset of critical days is considered normal. However, it also happens that the sensations become stronger and last longer than usual, in this case, you should seek help from a specialist, because it can be dangerous to your health.

First menstruation

When your back hurts before menstruation for the first time, you should not be afraid, but you should not neglect visiting the gynecologist. Prescription drugs will calm you down and also eliminate pain. Known drugs that drown out the pain for a while, which can be taken:

The pain will subside if you lie down and do not make any movements for a while.

Why during menstruation often back aches

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a very frequent occurrence among women, especially those who have not given birth.. It is expressed not only in the painful sensations in the abdomen and back, but it can also manifest itself with such symptoms:

  • Headache and dizziness
  • Cardiac arrhythmia and angina pectoris
  • Weakness, nausea, poor appetite
  • Fainting
  • Insomnia and increased irritability

Back pain in primary dysmenorrhea

If dysmenorrhea occurs in girls, after one to three years after the first menstrual period, then it is usually associated with the onset of egg maturation (ovulation) that occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle (full cycle — 21–35 days). This dysmenorrhea is calledprimary. It is based not on any pathology in the genitals, but on completely different reasons..

Why in this case there is pain in the back before menstruation?

It used to be believed that the basis of such a syndrome is psychological and physiological factors that are not yet fully mature girls and women with mental problems. But at present there is a scientific theory, according to which hormone disorders are the basis of primary dysmenorrhea, namely:

  • Different concentrations of the hormone prostaglandin in the uterus:
    • increased content prostaglandin E2 (PGE 2) leads to dilation of blood vessels and decrease in platelets in the blood
    • increasing concentration prostaglandin E2-alpha (PGE 2-alpha) - to uterine smooth muscle contractions and pain
  • Increased estrogen levels that promote the release of prostaglandin PGE 2-alpha and increased uterine activity

Pain in the lower abdomen and lower back with the same on the eve of before menstruation or on the very first day and lasts one to two days. The nature of the pain:

  • Aching, cramping, tearing, pulling
  • Giving in the back and pelvic organs:
    rectum, bladder, appendages

How to treat primary dysmenorrhea

Many women try to treat dysmenorrhea with analgin or no-shpy, however, these tools are ineffective and last only a few hours, and then the attack returns. Are there any other ways to treat the pain that occurs before menstruation and during them? Yes, there are.

And these are, first of all, NSAIDs already known to us (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), which we used to treat acute pain syndromes in the back due to the fault of the spine:

  • Nimesil, diclofenac, ibuprofen, indomethacin, ketonal other

But in this case, these remedies are not used as symptomatic, that is, eliminating just pain, but as curative. Why?

The fact is that NSAIDs are considered inhibitors prostaglandinscauses of primary dysmenorrhea. Simply put, they interfere with their formation and eliminate spasms of the uterine muscles.

Apply them in two ways:

  • first three days during your period
  • before menstruation for one to three days (preventive scheme)

The second method is the use of combined oral contraceptives (COCs).
And why do these seemingly non-painkillers help with pain? Very simple - their double impact occurs on an exclusively hormonal level.:

  • Influence at endometrium uterus (reduction of its thickness), because of what the number of prostaglandins falls.
    This property allows the use of contraceptives for the treatment of serious female disease - endometriosiscausing frequent and painful periods
  • Lock ovulation through obstructing ripening and tearing follicle.
    The use of COC, which is carried out on a complex multi-day scheme from three to six months, leads to anovulatory cycle and painless monthly

Treat pain or endure?

However, both of these tools — both NSAIDs and COCs — are a “double-edged sword”, and it is not known here which is better: to suffer pain for a couple of days or to cause those complications that may occur later after their use.

NSAIDs have a lot of contraindications, and after taking them such side effects may occur.:

  • Gastric and intestinal ulcer
  • Cardiac pathology
  • Medicinal hepatitis, pancreatitis and nephritis
  • The defeat of the mucous membranes of a malignant nature, and many others

After prolonged use of contraceptives:

  • Infertility may occur.
  • The risk of breast cancer increases (BC)

Other ways to treat pain during menstruation

What to do if you do not want undesirable consequences, and there is no strength to endure pain?

  • Take an anesthetic drug containing paracetomol, eg, sedalgin-neo
  • Do relaxing exercises:
    • Lie on your back, bend your knees, and put your hands under the sacrum. Bend your knees from side to side for a minute or two. Then move your hands under the buttocks, take deep breaths, trying to breathe in the stomach
    • Roll over on your stomach and lie on your fists, leaning your forehead on the floor. With your feet together, lift your legs while inhaling. Take half a minute in this position, take deep breaths, then slowly lower your legs and relax
  • Massaging active points:
    • Find two points below the navel at a distance of two and four fingers. Press them for two minutes while breathing deeply

Causes and treatment of secondary dysmenorrhea

We are talking about secondary dysmenorrhea:

If its cause is the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of a woman:

  • Uterus bend
  • Presence of uterine horn rudiment
  • Double uterus

In this case they talk about congenital secondary dysmenorrhea. The pain before menstruation and during them occurs in such women throughout their life, and may subside after giving birth.

If the pain before menstruation occurs in women rather mature, in which the cycle proceeded normally before, then there is secondary acquired dysmenorrhea.
Why can it occur? There are many reasons for this. It:

  • Chronic inflammatory processes of appendages:
    Adnexitis, vulvitis, vaginitis, salpingitis
  • Uterus Endometriosis
  • Tumors and cysts of the ovaries
  • Uterine tumors (basically, fibroids)
  • Endocrine disorders:
    • thyroid function failure (hypothyroidism)
    • lack of corpus luteum of the ovary (progesterone deficiency)

Progesterone deficiency leads to partial detachment of the uterine membrane after ovulation and can cause ovulatory syndrome:
pain in the abdomen, ileum and hypogastric region, which can give to the lower back

  • Painful sensations appear 10–14 days before the beginning of menstruation.
  • About past ovulation can be guessed by spotting bleeding, observed after two or three days after the rupture of the follicle

In all these cases, pain before and during menstruation is treated in the direction of eliminating its main source. Only a gynecologist can decide what the treatment plan will be.

Back pain after menstruation

But pain in the abdomen, spreading to the back can occur in a woman and immediately after menstruation. This is a dangerous sign that can talk about chronic pathological processes and even about an extreme situation.. The reasons may be:

  • Adnexitis
  • Oophoritis (inflammation of the ovaries, most often due to hypothermia or stress)
  • Tumor or cyst
  • Peritonitis
  • Ovary hemorrhage (apoplexy)
  • Ovarian hyperstimulation (often occurs in the treatment of infertility)
  • Psychogenic factors

Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

On the basis of persistent pain in the pelvis and lower back during menstruation, chronic pelvic pain syndrome may occur in a woman. The reason for it is vegetative nervous systemcausing pelvic muscle spasm

Treat the syndrome with homeopathic medicines, muscle relaxants and suppositories.:

Health to you, women, and less suffering!

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Signs of pathological pain before menstruation

If, before the onset of menstruation, a woman had severe back pain, but this was not previously observed, it is necessary to immediately go to a gynecologist and undergo a series of examinations.

The following are examples of pathologies that are characterized by back pain, why they appear and what the consequences entail:

  • Inflammation of the genitals. The increase in organs, which leads to disruption of body functions.
  • Any violations of the structure of the uterus in the pelvic area. Bending, resizing the uterus.
  • Various infections of the uterus. May cause adhesions during the monthly cycle. Because of this, there is a tension in the uterus and an increase in pressure on the internal organs.
  • Hormonal changes. Entail a strong reduction in the work of the uterus on the eve of menstruation.
  • Heredity.
  • Tumors. Organs are enlarged due to additional tissues.
  • Ectopic pregnancy. There is a strong discomfort in the lower back.
  • Disease of the thyroid gland. The hormonal background is disturbed and the back before the beginning of menstruation is very sore.

Ectopic pregnancy is often manifested by back pain.

When back pain before menstruation is considered normal

Before menstruation, some women wonder why there is nagging pain in the back and whether this is the norm.To do this, a woman should closely monitor the course of her cycle, so that later there will be no problems with childbirth.

There are a number of reasons for which the fact that the loin hurts before the cycle begins is not a sign of any deviations:

  • Pain in the back in the early stages of menstruation. If pain occurs before menstruation during the first 3 years after their appearance, then this indicates the maturation of the egg.
  • Uterine displacement. Having learned this diagnosis, the girls immediately begin to panic and wonder why this happened to them. They should understand that this is not a dangerous phenomenon, since in some of the fair sex, before the menstruation, the uterus slightly tilts back and increases in size. Because of this position, it puts pressure on the internal organs and there may be pain in the lumbar region. Why this happens can be explained by your personal gynecologist, since every girl has a displacement of the uterus for purely individual reasons.
  • High sensitivity. There are women who have a low pain threshold and therefore all the discomfort on the eve of their monthly discharge increases several times. Accordingly, if they have a backache, then this is just incredible torment.
  • Stagnant fluid. This means that a sufficient amount of fluid does not flow from a woman’s body and this leads to hormone disruptions and back pain may occur.
  • The spiral inside the uterus.

Regardless of whether it is dangerous or not, the pain itself does not raise the mood, so you should take certain measures to reduce it.

And not necessarily to drink any medicine. You can make a massage in the lower back or warm it, covered with a warm blanket.

In addition, if the lower back hurts, you can perform a series of exercises that doctors recommend before starting the cycle.

The intrauterine device sometimes can cause back pain

Exercises to reduce pain before menstruation

There are a number of exercises that will help ease your life before menstruation, and get rid of back pain for a long time.

  • We accept the butterfly pose, but the body must be relaxed.
  • We move the legs closer to us, if uncomfortable, they can be pushed a little forward.
  • Align the shoulders and push the lumbar region forward, trying to lower the knees as low as possible.
  • Hold this position for 10 seconds.

In order for the exercise to give the desired effect, a prerequisite before it starts is complete relaxation.. If the loin is sore or there is some discomfort, the exercise is done incorrectly.

Butterfly pose helps minimize pain

  • We carry our hands behind our backs to the support, the chest moves forward as far as possible, despite the inconvenience of posture, nothing should hurt. Then, elbows gently fall to the floor, but you need to save the deflection in the lower back.
  • Next, fully lie on the floor, bending the lumbar area even more. If necessary, hands can be moved back.
  • Hold this position for 10 seconds. Then, slowly return to the starting position, lift the legs up.
  • We spread legs to the sides by 90 degrees. If in such a position the loin hurts more, then you can slightly reduce the degree to which the legs are spread.
  • Breathe in, raising arms up. Exhale, dropping down. Touch your head to the floor. We open our shoulders, round the lumbar and stay in this position for 10 seconds. Moving smoothly across the floor, we turn to the right. Place the chest over the right knee. Head down to the floor.
  • Then open the chest. We pull the right hand up. And we cover ourselves.
  • We do the same with the left foot. Then, we again take the starting position.
  • Align the shoulders and stretch your head upwards. We tighten the right leg as close as possible. With our right hand, we embrace ourselves by the leg, and with the left by the waist, arms are folded into the lock. We pull up. You need to breathe smoothly and calmly.
  • We perform the same operation on the left leg. Rest before the exercise. Return to the starting position. We make two breaths and two breaths. We put thoughts in order.

If you do these exercises regularly, then before the monthly discharge you will no longer be bothered by back pain.

Regardless of the reasons why, in the run-up to the monthly discharge, the lower back hurts, you should definitely consult with your doctor, only he will be able to make an accurate diagnosis. No need to sit still and think about why these feelings began to bother you, proceed to the treatment of the problem.

The main causes of back pain

The appearance of pain in the lumbar region is associated with the natural processes in the woman's body.

  • Painful sensations appear due to contractions of the uterus, which is preparing for the rejection of the endometrium. Some women have a particular sensitivity to contractions of the penis. The back starts to hurt already 2 weeks before the onset of menstruation. And quite strongly.
  • Before menstruation, the uterus deviates backward, slightly increases in size, presses on the nerve endings, affects the functioning of nearby organs. Under tension is the lower back, abdomen.
  • Contraction of the uterus provokes the formation of prostaglandins. Hormones cause back pain. The intensity of pain directly depends on their number.
  • Hormonal transformations cause fluid retention. This is especially noticeable with the delay of menstruation. The longer menstruation does not come, the greater the tension in the uterus, back pain. Swollen tissues press on the nerve endings, affect the functioning of body systems.
  • Reinforced contractions of the uterus occur under the influence of the intrauterine device. The contraceptive can increase pain in the back, abdomen before menstruation and during menstruation.

Thus, back pain on the eve of menstruation can not escape. But the question is how tolerant she is. Usually, the loins begin to hurt a week before the start of critical days. Immediately before menstruation, the pain increases, due to the increased activity of the uterus. In parallel with his back hurts his stomach. The reason is the same - the natural processes in the female body. Contribute to the strengthening of discomfort in the back, stomach in front of menstruation sedentary lifestyle, nervous stress, great physical exertion.

Pathological pain

Menstruation is a kind of shake-up for the whole body. All hidden pathologies begin to manifest themselves.

  • Infectious diseases. Infection in the genitals causes the formation of spikes. In every way, the uterus tries to get rid of them with strengthened muscle contractions. By its active actions, the uterus presses on the nerve endings of the muscle tissue, which causes pain in the back and abdomen.
  • Neoplasm in uterus. Additional tissues increase the size of the genitals. Regardless of whether the tumor is benign or malignant, lower back pain is present.
  • Thyroid disease. Failure of the endocrine system leads to hormonal imbalance. Hence, fluid retention in the body, pain in the lower back, stomach.
  • Disruption of the nervous system. Stress, depression, nervous tension leads to depletion of the nervous system. She, in turn, is responsible for all processes in the female body throughout the entire monthly cycle. In particular, coordinates the production of hormones. Imbalance is manifested by prolonged pain in the lower back, abdomen. Aching lower back in any position. It can be difficult for a woman to walk, it is impossible to bend down.

If the back does not cease to hurt for a long time or the sensations are strong, it is necessary to seek help from specialists. The reason may be very different.

Pregnancy and back pain

When pregnancy occurs hormonal transformation. The uterus grows in size. As a result, before the expected monthly pain in the lower back. A whining character, long lasting. But tolerable. Enough to take a comfortable position, it becomes easier. This is followed by unpleasant feelings in the stomach, the first symptoms of pregnancy, delay.

Strong pain in the lower back during pregnancy is alarming. Mean the onset of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. In any case, during delayed menstruation, a pregnancy test should be performed. Regardless of whether it is desirable or not, visit the doctor when you confirm the diagnosis.

Pain in the lower back moderate character indicates the normal functioning of the uterus. The body is preparing for menstruation or pregnancy. A woman has already studied her body for the entire period of menstruation. Therefore, it can easily distinguish unusual sensations. Anxiety symptoms should not be ignored. Consultation of experts is necessary.

The uterus is reduced

The back can hurt as a result of contraction of the uterus, the layer of the endometrium, which is preparing to exfoliate. In individual women, the body is especially susceptible to the changes taking place in it. Spinal pain begins to be felt about two weeks before the start of the cycle, sometimes it can hurt a lot.

The uterus grows

Before the onset of menstruation, the uterus grows slightly in volume, its shape changes a little - it deviates backwards. When this occurs, the pressure on the nerve endings, which is reflected in the functions of adjacent organs. In the tense state all this period is the lower abdomen, the back.

Hormonal changes

The process of uterine contraction stimulates the production of prostaglandins - hormones that cause lumbar pain. It is on how this indicator rises that the intensity of the pain depends. Changes in the balance of hormones cause fluid retention.

This is especially felt if the menstrual cycle is not stable. The longer the delay, the more noticeable the back ache, the uterus is tense. Edema of the tissue causes pressure on the nerve endings, which undoubtedly affects the activity of all systems, organs in the body.

Contraceptive method

Intensive uterine contraction often occurs when using the intrauterine device to prevent unplanned pregnancy. This option of protection can contribute to the emergence of severe spinal pain before menstruation and during their course.

Consequently, back pain before menstruation is quite a typical phenomenon, but it is worth paying attention to how strongly they are expressed. If in the lumbar region there are pulling discomfort about a week before one month, then this is considered the norm. Gradually, the pain increases as the activity of the uterus increases. Together with the back, the stomach can ache, and such pain is caused by the same reasons - the menstruation begins.

Manifestations of premenstrual syndrome may increase due to improper lifestyle, reduced physical activity, stress, or high physical exertion.

Infectious diseases

With the development of diseases caused by infectious pathogens, adhesions form on the organs that interfere with normal blood flow. Adhesions violate the proper functioning of the uterus, blood stagnates inside. The uterus under pressure is intensively reduced, there is tension in the muscle layers, lumbar spine, and this contributes to the appearance of pain.

Useful recommendations

If it is determined that the pregnancy is absent, then back pain before menstruation is not a reason for panic. Remove any discomfort will help any drug intended for pain relief. You can reduce the pain of a light massage, a warm heating pad and a temporary restriction in movement.

To reliably know that back pain is not a sign of a violation, you should follow these tips:

  • control the monthly cycle, its beginning and end,
  • for a few days it is advisable to take sedatives and vitamins,
  • light massage helps relieve back pain,
  • taking drugs that relieve cramps.

Exercise number 1

It is necessary to lie down on the stomach very gently, at ease, trying to keep the movements not too sharp. Under the stomach should substitute fists and rest his forehead against the floor. With feet together, you need to slowly raise your legs. This position should be taken for about thirty seconds, breathing in the stomach. Then you can return to the previous position. One should repeat this exercise.

Exercise number 2

Again without sudden movements it is necessary to change the position, lie on your back, bend your legs, pull your knees towards your chest. Folded palms, laying under the sacrum, you need to rock your knees for about ten or twelve minutes. Next, you need to take the initial position - put your feet on the floor, placing your hands under the buttocks and take a break for a few minutes. Perform two repetitions of this exercise.


Minor back pains before menstruation are not considered a deviation and are evidence that all body processes are normal. The uterus is prepared for cleansing or fertilization. As a rule, the woman controls the cycle and therefore any changes will not pass unnoticed. If any alarming symptoms, unusual sensations appear, you should immediately consult with a specialist, without ignoring the signs.

It is extremely important to determine what causes back pain in order to take the necessary measures to eliminate the cause. Tiring sensations in the back area vary in intensity: weak aching, sharp spasms and periodical shooting. An irritating attack can last for several minutes and last for three to four days. The loin can hurt only once or become a regular problem accompanying every menstrual period.

The perception of discomfort by the body is determined by many factors: age, physiological features, accompanying symptoms, emotional state, and so on. However it may be, ignoring severe pain is not worth it.

Causes of Lumbar Pain Before Ovulation

What can cause the appearance of pain in the lower back on the eve of menstruation?

  1. Unnatural position of the uterus: its curvature, bend or underdevelopment of this female organ,
  2. Heredity.

In some cases, the causes of back pain before menstruation are associated with heredity. For example, if your grandmother or mother suffered from discomfort on the eve of menstruation, then you may experience similar pain caused by natural physiological processes.

  1. Inflammatory processes occurring in the genitals - diseases of the uterus or its cervix, tubes and ovaries,
  2. Installed intrauterine device.

It causes increased contractions of this muscular organ, as a result of which a woman may feel pain in the back before menstruation.

  1. Various neoplasms and fibroids that violate the blood outflow from the uterus,
  2. Violations in the hormonal background.

Due to the increase in progesterone and estrogen levels, the state of the uterus is changing. The negative result of such changes are unpleasant feelings on the eve of menstruation. Regular examination by a gynecologist, control of hormonal changes will help a woman get rid of such painful syndromes.

In order to find out the answer to the question: why does the back hurt before menstruation, it is necessary to contact the appropriate specialist - the gynecologist. After consultation, examination and testing, he will be able to conclude about the cause of your illness and prescribe a treatment regimen.

If the cause lies in an infectious disease, then curing it, you will get rid of the painful manifestations. If your back hurts before menstruation due to changes in the hormonal background, then you will need to start consuming hormonal medications.

In some situations, it is enough to carry out the prevention of such manifestations in order to continue to occur as little as possible.

For other causes of pain during menstruation, read here.

If your back hurts, you need to take urgent measures.

Low back pain as a symptom of PMS

If the loins are severely sore before menstruation, then perhaps these sensations are symptoms of PMS - premenstrual syndrome, which in most cases manifests itself 7-11 days before the onset of menstruation. Its main symptoms are:

  • Strong headache,
  • heightened perception of noise
  • speech difficulty
  • drowsiness or insomnia
  • swelling and muscle cramps,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • irritability, capriciousness, changes in the emotional background of a woman,
  • skin rashes that are accompanied by itching,
  • sensation as if aching the loins before menstruation,
  • increased body temperature
  • change in taste,
  • a surge or a sharp decline in sexual desire.

Pulling sensations - a sign of pregnancy?

In some cases, back pain may occur when you delay your period. In this situation, painful manifestations indicate either a violation of the natural female functions, or pregnancy.

In the first days after ovulation has occurred, signs of pregnancy may resemble an approaching menstruation. Many women, being in an interesting position, complain of pain in the lower abdomen and lower back.

Before menstruation, such manifestations often indicate an unfavorable course of pregnancy, for example, a hypertonia of the uterus. Therefore, if you have sore back and in addition to the whole monthly delay, then you urgently need to see a doctor!

The main signs of early pregnancy are:

  1. учащенные мочеиспускания,
  2. bowel disorder
  3. delayed menstruation,
  4. minor bleeding from the vagina,
  5. pain in the back, as if pulling the lower back, when there was a delay in menstruation,
  6. increase in basal temperature
  7. frequent headaches
  8. change in taste
  9. increased salivation,
  10. drowsiness, distraction and fatigue,
  11. increase breast sensitivity,
  12. tingling sensation inside the uterus,
  13. aversion to many smells.

Medical and preventive recommendations

The most effective tips:

  • control of the beginning and end of menstruation,
  • 3-4 days before the start of ovulation, taking a complex of vitamins, sedatives,
  • massage,
  • use of antispasmodic drugs.

If you can say with certainty that you are not pregnant, but at the same time you feel that you are pulling back in front of menstruation, do not rush to panic. Take a pill of any antispasmodic or analgesic drug. Try to reduce the pain yourself with a massage, apply a heating pad to the place of pain and limit yourself for a while.

Among other recommendations, when the loin hurts and whines before menstruation, one can single out:

  1. exclusion from the menu of citrus fruits,
  2. drinking heavy and warm drinks
  3. consulting a doctor
  4. wrapping a warm blanket, a scarf where it hurts,
  5. bed rest.

The question of why the loin hurts before the menstrual period will be relevant for a long time, as more and more women experience illness, discomfort on the eve and during menstruation. Painful manifestations a few days before menstruation can occur for a number of serious reasons, so do not ignore them, but consult a doctor immediately.

A medical specialist will conduct an examination and find out the causative factor. And this means that you will be informed about your condition and will know exactly how you can get rid of pain.

It is important to remember that on your own you can only reduce the painful syndrome, so do not take risks and do not refuse professional medical care!

What happens in a woman's body before menstruation?

Pain of varying intensity in the lumbar region on the eve of menstruation is associated with the processes occurring in the reproductive system of a woman. The first signs of pain appear two weeks before the onset of menstruation. Someone's back slightly pulls, and someone suffers from pain. What is happening in the female body that provokes painful discomfort in the lumbar region?

The entire monthly cycle of the reproductive organs are preparing for conception. The uterus increases in volume due to the growth of the endometrium, deviates back and, naturally, puts pressure on the organs nearby. Tension in the muscles and blood vessels in the lower abdomen and back increases. Nerve endings of organs adjacent to the uterus respond to increased pressure with a painful impulse.

In addition, the contraction of the uterus enhances the production of hormones (prostaglandins), causing lower back pain. The intensity of the symptom depends on the amount of hormones produced. Increased pain is typical for those women whose monthly cycle is not stable, so teenage girls often suffer from pain when menstruation approaches.

Why on the eve of menstruation loin begins to hurt?

Before critical days, for 3-5 days, pain can be caused by both physiological factors and some pathology. The first relate to the natural processes and conditions that arise during the functioning of the reproductive system. The latter are associated with various gynecological, neurological diseases and disorders of the urogenital system.

Pathological causes

The appearance before the monthly back pain causes a variety of diseases:

  • infections and inflammations of the urogenital organs, provoking the appearance of adhesions on the walls of the uterus,
  • benign lesions and tumors (fibroids, cyst),
  • problems with the musculoskeletal system,
  • neurological disorders
  • endocrine system problems
  • kidney disease.

With inflammation of the pelvic organs, the temperature rises to 37.5 degrees. Improper hormone production provokes the development of endometriosis and affects the general state of health, causing nausea, vomiting, dizziness and nagging pain in the lower abdomen.

Does the loin hurt in the case of conception?

Ovulation and fertilization on the eve of menstruation do not have a significant effect on the usual symptoms for this period. Preparation for the process does not stop. Naturally, the loin hurts and the lower abdomen pulls. The onset of pregnancy before the delay is extremely difficult to determine, but sometimes the pain may indicate a successful conception. If there is a suspicion that it has taken place, it is worth waiting with the reception of painkillers before confirming or refuting this assumption.

How to alleviate the condition?

To relieve pain, you can use medications, perform certain exercises, massage problem areas, resort to folk remedies. All these actions are appropriate to perform at home, if it is established that physiological factors have caused the pain in the lumbar region. For pathologies, the problem should be solved with the help of a doctor.


Treatment of back pain, which makes itself felt on the eve of menstruation, is to take medication in various directions. The list includes the following groups of drugs:

  • Analgesics (Analgin, Baralgin, Novalgin). Accepted with mild pain syndrome. Helps relieve pain associated with physiological causes.
  • Antispasmodics (Spazgan, Trigan, Spazmalgon, Maksigan). They work well with muscle spasms and hypertonia of the uterus.
  • NSAIDs (Ibuprofen, Ketolong, Aspirin). Used for dysmenorrhea caused by inflammatory processes.
  • Oral contraceptives of the combined type (Diane-35, Janine, Belara, Kleira). Smooth hormone levels.

Folk remedies

In folk medicine, when back is noticeably sore before menstruation, plant broths and tinctures are used. Special fees for the preparation of medicines can be purchased at the pharmacy. For example, picking daisies, peppermint and valerian. The infusions of elecampane, nettle, field horsetail, and celery root have proven themselves well. You can cook a decoction of the leaves of the plantain or strawberry.

When should I seek medical help?

If, prior to menstruation, other symptoms of malaise were added to the pain in the lower back, go to the gynecologist and establish the causes. Ectopic pregnancy makes itself felt nausea, vomiting, pain in the head and abdomen, irregular menstruation. Thyroid problems lead to weight loss, insomnia, swelling of the legs and arms. When such negative signs appear, a visit to the doctor is obligatory.

Finding out why the loin hurts before menstruation, a woman will be able to find a way to get rid of her, so it’s better not to refuse a doctor’s consultation. Caution is needed in the admission of drugs, and in the use of popular methods. Regarding the advice of girlfriends and acquaintances, it is also worth being cautious, because for every woman the body works individually and what helped one, the other can lead to a hospital bed.

Natural causes

Let us deal with the processes occurring in the female body that can provoke spinal pain before the start of the cycle.

  1. Toward the end of the cycle, the uterus begins to deviate slightly backwards and also increases in size. Because of this, it begins to put pressure on nearby nerve endings, which leads to the appearance of characteristic pain. Due to this location of the uterus, it creates pressure in the lower back and abdomen.
  2. Immediately before the menstrual period, the uterus begins to contract intensively in order to free itself from the endometrium layer. In women with a low pain threshold, back pain before menstruation is felt precisely because of uterine contractions. Typically, these feelings do not stop until the end of menstruation.
  3. The intrauterine device provokes more active contractions of the female organ.
  4. Changes in hormonal levels lead to fluid retention. Some parts of the body begin to swell and create pressure on nearby organs and nerve endings. This can cause back pain. Particularly strong pain for this reason arise when delaying menstruation. The longer they do not occur, the greater the swelling is formed.
  5. Before the beginning of the cycle, prostaglandin hormones begin to be actively produced. Their large number leads to greater sensitivity of the lumbar region.

The further the beginning of the period, the weaker the pain. With the approach of menstruation, the pain will increase. This is where the question of how tolerable such sensations will be. Usually, if pain occurs due to the menstrual cycle, it can be normally tolerated by most women. But if the back hurts before menstruation due to some kind of pathology? This option is also possible.

Is pregnancy possible?

If there is a suspicion of pregnancy, she can explain the aching back. Hormonal transformations after conception may well lead to spinal pain. Usually, the painful sensation disappears if you take a good posture. Suspected pregnancy is possible only in the case of its planning and the presence of delayed menstruation.

Very severe pains along with a delay are alarming. It is necessary to do a pregnancy test and consult a gynecologist for advice.

How to help yourself

Moderate pain is not a cause for concern. It is only necessary to tackle the problem if, before the menstruations, it pulls back regularly for several months. At the same time there should be significant discomfort that makes it difficult to live normally.

Take anesthetic can only be prescribed by the doctor.

The following measures can be taken independently:

  • sit less in one place and move more
  • give up alcohol and tobacco products,
  • reduce the number of stressful situations
  • remove intense physical activity, but do not give up an active lifestyle,
  • correctly lift weights, creating a load on the legs, not on the back.

To relieve and prevent the occurrence of spinal pain, you can perform special exercises. It is important that such gymnastics do not create additional loads on the abdomen, because it will have a bad effect on the menstrual cycle.

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