How to choose a medical tampons depending on the problem


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For the treatment of some gynecological diseases used medical tampons. And to use it safe, competent and effective, you need to find out all the features and options for this method of treatment.

Herbal medicated tampon.

Application features and indications

Medical tampons are intended for the treatment of many gynecological diseases that are in acute or chronic forms. Medical devices have a local effect, as they are placed directly in the vagina: the active substances reach the target and penetrate to the inflamed or affected areas. A big advantage is the minimal risks of side effects inherent in oral medications.

Interesting video about Chinese tampons Beautiful Life, Clean Point

Use is shown in such cases:

  • thrush (vaginal candidiasis),
  • fibroids, fibroids,
  • bacterial infections and inflammatory processes in the internal genital organs,
  • ovarian cysts,
  • endometriosis,
  • polyps localized to the uterine endometrium or in the cervical canal,
  • adnexitis (inflammation of the appendages: ovaries and fallopian tubes),
  • endometritis,
  • vaginitis
  • some sexually transmitted diseases.

Sometimes the application is prescribed as part of complex therapy simultaneously with other methods of treatment: taking medication drugs, conducting physiotherapeutic procedures.

Specialized ready-made tampons

On sale you can find ready-made specialized gynecological phyto-tampons made in China. The most popular and well-known tools in this category are two:

  1. “Clean Point” (in Russian it sounds like “Wedge Point”). The composition of medicinal plant components: Chinese kontis, pomegranate, angelica, turmeric, Sophora, myrrh, cloves, camphor, acacia, ginseng, sofor and some other herbs. The shape is spherical, and the components are wrapped with a mesh material, for convenience, augmented thread. The tool is used for most gynecological ailments, infertility, failures of the menstrual cycle and hormonal levels. Use is contraindicated in critical days, during lactation and during pregnancy. Possible side effects.
  2. “Beautiful Life (“ Beautiful Life ”). As a part of Dhagil, Kushan, motherwort, stemona, myrrh, resin of dragon tree, Manchurian Aralia, Cnidu, Chinese contis, Himalayan lilac and other plants with medicinal effects used in Chinese medicine. Indications and contraindications are about the same as for the above tampons. Before use, the instruction is studied in detail.

A consultation with a doctor will help to avoid unpleasant surprises!

Based on pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical products can be used for the manufacture of medical tampons, for example:

  1. Lidaza. The drug accelerates healing in the presence of internal sutures (postpartum tears, episiotomy), relieves puffiness and improves the elasticity of tissues. In the finished solution, a cotton-gauze tampon is plentifully wetted, which is then placed in the vagina. Procedures are carried out daily or at intervals of two days, the course lasts ten days.
  2. "Levomekol" fights bacterial infections, prevents tissue infection after surgery and cervical erosion. A layer of ointment is applied to the swab, which is installed in the vagina. The course is held for ten days.
  3. "Troxevasin" helps to normalize blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels and capillaries, improve the tone of the venous walls. Use the tool effectively in the presence of cysts and hematomas of the genital organs.
  4. "Mumiyo". Such a remedy contributes to the relief of inflammation in chronic and acute diseases, including vaginitis, adnexitis, cystitis. Also mumiyo helps to get rid of polyps. 4 grams diluted with 100 ml of water, moisten with a medical swab in this solution.

Folk remedies

Can be effective folk remedies. There are a lot of them, so for convenience, recipes are classified into categories based on the indications for use.

When thrush recommended recipes:

  • Combine five drops of tea tree oil, sea buckthorn, thyme and sage. After wetting in the mixture, the medical tampon is kept in the vagina during the whole night, and is inserted before bedtime. Weekly therapy is carried out.
  • Grind the leaves of Kalanchoe in any way (for example, finely chop with a knife), wrap in several layers of gauze, tie the ends of the material with a string or thread. The tampon, after being placed in the vagina, is left there for three hours; procedures are performed during the week.
  • Broth based on chamomile flowers and oak bark. Take a tablespoon of each type of raw material, pour two glasses of water and cook on low heat for ten minutes. Strain the broth, soak them medical swab and leave it in the vagina for an hour or two. The duration of such therapy is a week.
  • Honey. Dampen it with a medical swab, set in the vagina before bedtime.

Cervical erosion

When erosion is high efficiency of such methods:

  • The head of the peeled onions is baked in the oven for five minutes, cooled, wrapped in gauze or bandage and placed in the vagina for the night.
  • Sea buckthorn oil. A tampon soaked in it can be left overnight for two weeks.
  • Eliminate inflammation and restore the mucous necks of saline. On a liter of warm water takes two tablespoons of salt. A medicated swab soaked in such a mixture is placed in the vagina and changes every 12 hours for 14-16 days.
  • Grind 10 grams of propolis, combine with 180 grams of olive oil. In a water bath, the composition is cooked for fifteen minutes. The medical tampon is impregnated with a teaspoon of the agent and left overnight. The course lasts at least a week.

Fibromyomas and fibroids

When these tumors are recommended the following recipes for medical tampons:

  • Mix chopped onions with honey. Wait for the selection of the juice and use it to soak the medical tampon, which is aged in the external genitals during the night. The course is long - 2-3 months.
  • Effective saline used for erosion, and the method will be the same.
  • Propolis. Form a ball or a cone out of it, wrap it in a bandage and put it into the vagina every day for 10 days. Repeat 5 courses at intervals of 5 days.

Endometritis, endometriosis

Effective ways to use therapeutic tampons for endometriosis and endometritis:

  • Wetted in sea buckthorn oil tampons with a therapeutic effect are applied daily for at least ten days, kept overnight.
  • Combine natural floral or lime honey with pre-chopped aloe leaves in equal proportions (you can leave them in the fridge for a day to activate the substances). In the excreted juice, moisten the medical swab abundantly, place it inside the vagina.
  • Half a teaspoonful (2-3 grams) mummy dissolve in 100 milliliters of warm water. Treat with a mixture of a tampon, insert at night, are treated for ten days.
  • Grind a tablespoon of flax seeds and cover with a glass of water, boil for 15 minutes, filter and use for the treatment of a tampon put in for the night for ten days.
  • Chop the leaves of fresh plantain, wrap in a bandage, place it in the vagina for 8-9 hours before bedtime. Heal so month.

In inflammatory processes in the appendages, you can use aloe juice, honey mix with propolis, chamomile decoction, baked onions. Useful garlic water: the cleaned head is filled with a liter of boiling water, infused day. Then infusion is treated medicinal swab.

Rules of application

The thread is used for convenient extraction of the tampon.

  1. Tampons are made of sterile cotton wool, from which a cone or ball is formed. Further, the tampon is wrapped with gauze or a bandage, and the edges are fixed with a thread (it is also used for extraction).
  2. If a ready-made thick raw material is used, and not a liquid mixture, then the mass is wrapped in a bandage tied with thread.
  3. Wash your hands well before the procedure and wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap.
  4. Stand up for insertion, one foot on the dais and bend. Relax, take a medical swab and gently insert it into the vagina. The thread is left outside for the subsequent comfortable extraction.
  5. Lie down and do not get up so that the active substances reach their goal and act.
  6. Using the end of the string gently, without sudden movements, remove the tampon, carry out the usual hygienic procedures.
  7. Tampons are contraindicated during pregnancy, as they increase the tone of the uterus. For contraindications include critical days.

With proper use of medical tampons, you will achieve a therapeutic effect and improve the condition.

When to use tampons for treatment

In the course of treatment of many gynecological diseases, tampons soaked in some drug are actively used. This form of drug administration is effective at the initial stage of development of certain pathologies and in their chronic course.

The composition for the impregnation of tampons is chosen by the attending physician depending on the nature of the disease: these may be antibiotics, means for healing wounds after surgery, and other means of directional action.


Pathological growth of the endometrium in some cases can be stopped by means of local exposure, for which the following solutions for vaginal tampons can be used:

  • Olive oil is mixed with calendula flowers and eucalyptus leaves and infused for three weeks, then the tampon is soaked with the resulting extract and injected into the vagina overnight. It should be borne in mind that eucalyptus is a fairly strong allergen, so it must be used with caution.
  • You can dissolve the honey in a small amount of water and soak the tampon with the resulting solution. The tool can be left in the vagina at night, after which you should douching decoction of chamomile flowers.

Honey water

This disease is associated with a change in the balance of the microflora of the vagina and a decrease in immunity, therefore, the therapy should be antibacterial. When thrush is actively used drugs for local exposure, because they directly affect pathogenic microorganisms. For the impregnation of tampons, you can use the following products on a natural basis:

  • Juice Kalanchoe. The leaves of the plant must be rubbed until the juice appears, then the resulting gruel is applied to the swab and introduced into the vagina for several hours. The course of treatment may continue for a week.
  • A decoction of chamomile flowers is a good natural antiseptic, so it can be used to soak tampons. Procedures can be carried out during the week, as well as apply the decoction with the leaves in order to prevent the development of fungi.
  • A decoction of oak bark, in which you can add other medicinal plants, for example, Kalanchoe juice, aloe vera or a decoction of chamomile flowers.
  • Tea tree oil also has antifungal effect. To prepare a solution for the impregnation of tampons, you need to add a few drops of oil to a glass of water in which a tablespoon of baking soda is dissolved. The course of treatment can last for five days, the tampon is inserted into the vagina for 4-5 hours.

Oak bark decoction

Inflammation of the appendages

In the chronic form of the disease, tampons soaked in one of the following compositions can be used:

  • herbal decoction based on sage, oak bark and chamomile flowers,
  • Badana root infusion,
  • gruel of baked onions,
  • an infusion of a mixture of garlic and celandine,
  • white cabbage juice,
  • aloe juice and other natural remedies that can be applied after consulting with a gynecologist.

Cabbage juice


Funds with this ointment can be used in the treatment of cervical erosion, but after a preliminary study by colposcopy. Caution in the use of this tool due to the presence in its composition of methyluracil, which is able to provoke the growth of cancer cells.

Before inserting a tampon with Levomekol into the vagina, it is necessary to perform douching with Miramistin or with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. You can leave for the night.

Dimexide and Lidaza

This combination of drugs is indicated in cases of suspected development of adhesive processes in the fallopian tubes. Dimexide increases tissue permeability, which contributes to the maximum penetration of the drug into the blood.


Funds with this drug are used in gynecology to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. They can be used after gynecological operations for the prevention of hematomas and for relieving pain in the pelvic area.

This substance of natural origin is now available in pharmaceutical forms and is used to treat a wide range of gynecological diseases. In particular, mummy tampons are used in the course of treatment of endometritis, cervical erosion and a number of other pathologies.

See in this video about the use of phytoampons BEAUTIFUL LIFE for gynecological diseases:

Chinese medical tampons

They are produced in China under two brands: Clean Point and Beautiful Life.

Tampons are impregnated with a composition made on the basis of herbs growing on the territory of this state. According to the annotation, these herbs have a pronounced anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, and also have a positive effect on the vaginal microflora and contribute to the normalization of blood circulation.

Tampons as conceived drugs

Among modern contraceptives presented and means for insertion into the vagina. So, the high efficacy is shown by the drug Pharmatex, which is produced in the form of tampons.

The active ingredient of this agent is benzalkonium chloride, which, in combination with citric acid and lavender oil, has not only contraceptive, but also antiseptic and antimicrobial effect.

Independent production of tampons

In order to prepare the basis for the application of the drug, it is necessary to prepare:

  • packaging of sterile cotton wool, bandage or gauze,
  • disposable gloves,
  • sharp scissors,
  • thread with a needle.

With clean hands, you need to roll a ball of cotton wool with a diameter of 2-3 cm and wrap it in a double layer of a strip of bandage approximately 20 cm long. The resulting ball should be pulled together with a thread to fasten its ends.

Next, the resulting tampon must be soaked with the prepared medicine and put it into the vagina. The left ends of the thread will then help to remove the already used without any problems.

And here more about the treatment of endometritis with medical tampons and decoctions for douching.

Any medical manipulations should be carried out only under the supervision of the attending physician. In most cases, herbal remedies are only an auxiliary method of treating gynecological diseases, and their independent use can only aggravate the situation.

Useful video

About self-manufacturing medical tampon, see this video:

If endometritis is diagnosed, treatment with folk remedies may be a more affordable and cheaper method. However, it is worth remembering that only chronic endometritis in remission can be treated.

Cervicitis, which is dangerous for women's health, promises to remove the national treatment in the shortest possible time. Even help with chronic. However, it is worth remembering that the disease is not so easily amenable to therapy.

If salpingo-oophoritis is diagnosed, antibiotic treatment is the only correct one. However, most often the scheme includes the use of several antibiotics, immunotherapy. In some cases, only surgery will help.

In some situations, adnexitis is treated with folk remedies. For example, it can be applied in case of chronic course. However, it is worth remembering that it is not always possible.

What is included in the treatment of tampons?

An important quality of phytoampons is their composition. As a rule, natural herbs and plants - ginseng, meadow core, dagil, pomegranate, myrrh, chamomile, chaga, yarrow and others become the key components of tampons. The composition may also include oil (cocoa butter, cedar oil, St. John's wort oil, juniper) and bee products (beeswax, bee submor, honey, propolis).

What diseases can help prevent?

Indications for the use of tampons very much. For example, they will become indispensable helpers of those who experience pain during the premenstrual syndrome. In addition, phyto-tampons will help restore cycle failure and improve hormone levels.

Also, medical Chinese tampons are advised to use for inflammation of the ovaries and the inner lining of the uterus, for erosion of the cervix, obstruction of the fallopian tubes, candidiasis, endometriosis, cystitis, urethritis, polypsis of the female lips and many other diseases.

How it works?

- destroy pathogens and bacteria,

- accelerate metabolic processes and increase blood circulation in the tissues and mucous membranes, promoting their regeneration,

- restore the natural microflora of the uterus and vagina,

- regulate the normal production of progesterone and estrogen.