Why after the first time there is no monthly?


Many girls are concerned about the fact that after the first time there are no periods for a very long time. The main thing here is to understand that, in general, such a phenomenon is considered to be the norm for an organism experiencing severe stress. But vigilance in this situation should be present in full, because the delay in menstruation can mean a completely natural state after the perfect sexual intercourse - pregnancy. So, when the norm, and when to be on guard, if there is no monthly after the first time, this will be discussed further.

If we take into account aspects of physiology, then you can see significant changes in the state of the body. In particular, after the first sex, the vaginal microflora changes due to the loss of the natural protective barrier - the virginal membrane. Also, hormonal background undergoes significant changes, because of which the menstruation after the first time change dramatically.

Common assumptions about the reasons for the delay in menstruation

Pregnancy - the first of the assumptions that can be called in a situation of delayed menstruation. In this connection, a woman makes a trip to the nearest pharmacy and gets a home rapid test to detect pregnancy. However, the result of such a home diagnosis should in no way be an obstacle to a quick visit to the obstetrician-gynecologist.

This option causes the delay of menstruation is considered the first thing, and especially when the first sexual contact was unprotected.

Without a pregnancy test can not do if the delay of menstruation exceeds a week period, that is 7 days. However, testing the body for pregnancy does not make sense in the first days after the first sex. Since before 7 days the necessary hormone (hCG) simply does not show pregnancy, and the result can be obtained that does not correspond to the real state of affairs.

If pregnancy is excluded (the test result is negative), then another assumption is taken into account, which is the cause of a prolonged absence of menstruation - great excitement at the first sexual experience. Almost always, this notorious first time entails the appearance of a whole wave of emotions of various properties. The experiences of the girl have tremendous power, and it is quite possible that she psychologically provokes a delay in the onset of menses for several days or even weeks.

In a young girl, the menstrual cycle is just beginning to be established, which can also cause a delay in menstruation. The first sex can occur at the time of the formation of the menstruation cycle, which for some representatives of the fair half can only be completed by the age of 17-18. Therefore, the possibility of a long postponement of menstruation after the first intimate intimacy unrelated to pregnancy is fully justified.

Justification of the onset of changes in the female body after the first time

After the first sex, the body is introduced into a stressful state, while the girl begins to use the reproductive system of the body. The onset of menstruation indicates the readiness of the body to perform such a function. And the first intimacy indicates the readiness of the woman herself to its implementation. An ideal variant, when between these two phenomena of life was maintained about one and a half years. Only under this condition will both the reproduction system and the hormonal level stabilize according to age.

However, the stress of the body may not be related to the feelings of the girl herself. The body falls into stress due to hormonal and physiological changes. After the onset of a full-fledged intimate life (somewhere after the 3rd time), pain in the lower abdomen disappears as a result of the fact that the vaginal muscles take on their usual state after stretching.

But at the first time, all these factors are transferred quite noticeably and with pain, which results in attempts to change the size of the vagina in 5-10 times. Therefore, all the natural functions of the body at the physiological level undergo changes, including the same monthly ones.

In addition to changes in hormonal levels and vaginal microflora, changes may be more significant. In particular, if intimacy is episodic, it does not have a permanent basis. For this reason, in the old days, girls could begin sex life only after marriage.

Changes in the menstrual cycle after the first sexual intercourse are inevitable. The beginning of the monthly following the first sexual contact will be determined by the day of the menstrual cycle (when sexual intercourse occurred), the regularity of sexual relations.

For example, it is a well-known fact in medicine that women who have a regular sex life (at least 6 times during the month) have less discomfort and pain when the menstrual phase of the cycle begins and flows.

In addition to the date of arrival of the first menstruation, any girl is interested in what should be monthly after the first time. Yes, the nature of the discharge after the first sex also does not remain the same. Began menstruation after the first intimacy can be very atypical.

For example, vaginal discharge is observed longer than usual, they become more abundant and bloody, their terms of onset are shifted. This all, in turn, affects sensitivity and excitability. However, over time, this difference between “before” and “after” will be erased, the monthly ones will stabilize.

The duration of the retention of menstruation after the first sex

Due to the influence of individual characteristics in the formation of women's health, the first periods can occur in the range of 10-18 years of life. In this case, the first sexual experience may coincide with the period of establishment of the monthly cycle. For this reason, the monthly can come on the same day when there was proximity, and may be delayed with the arrival for a period of a couple of weeks to a month.

The absolute norm is considered in this situation a delay (especially when protected intercourse). The body is under stress, so there is no need to strengthen it. The most reasonable solution is to consult a gynecologist. And only on his recommendation, you can proceed to the treatment.

Folk medicine with delayed menstruation

In the people there are many recipes used in the delay of menstruation. And the most popular are those in which the main component is Oregano grass. Here are just the most famous recipes with oregano.

  1. To eliminate the monthly delay, take 3 tbsp. oregano, in the same amount - tansy, 1 tbsp. wormwood, 4 tbsp. lyubistika and quinoa. Mixed, placed in boiling water. Then insist. For a liter of boiling water requires 3 tbsp. collection.
  2. Combine oregano (2 tablespoons), with clover (in the same amount), with a spoon of calendula, with 3 tablespoons of calamus, celery and lemon balm. Liter of boiling water brew 3 tbsp. drug collection. With the delay of menstruation take 6 times a day for 0.5 cup of infusion.
  3. Oregano grass is poured with vodka or alcohol (10 parts of vodka per one part of the collection). Insist in a dark place throughout the week, occasionally shaking. Drink 30 drops three times a day.
  4. 0.5 l. boiling water poured grass in the amount of 1 tbsp. Capacity warmed and put in the dark for 40 minutes. Strain, drink a glass of infusion three times a day, when there is a delay in menstruation after the first sex.
  5. 10 g of dry grass oregano pour boiling water (1 cup). Insist 30 minutes. After filtration, take four times a day, 2 tbsp. broth.
  6. 2 tbsp. oregano pour 2 cups of boiling water. The mixture is poured into a thermos. The infusion of oregano from a thermos is drunk three times a day for 30 minutes. before the meal when delaying menstruation.
  7. Alcohol tincture: 10 g dry grass per 150 ml of 70% alcohol. Keeping the mixture for 10 days in the dark, they drink 30 drops three times a day.

However, such medical recipes for delaying menstruation are not suitable for all women. They should not be taken if:

  • there is a suspicion of pregnancy, since miscarriage may occur,
  • There is an increased sensitivity or individual intolerance to the oregano herb.

After all, even such a useful plant can cause increased bleeding with many associated complications.

Before using drugs with oregano, you should thoroughly think things through, after consulting with a doctor beforehand.