Sore back before menstruation: causes, diet, gymnastics


The menstrual cycle in women is a complex of natural processes that recur regularly at certain time intervals throughout the entire fertile age, from puberty to the menopause stage. The features of the cycle for any woman are individual. Similarly, the symptoms accompanying each of the cycle processes are different. One of the most common problems is back pain during menstruation.

Physiological causes of pain

In most cases, pain before and after menstruation is the norm. This is provoked by a natural physiological process, which periodically repeats. That is, in some cases, pain in the abdomen and lumbar region can be considered the absolute norm.

One common reason is severe water-salt balance disturbance, because of which the fluid is very slowly excreted from the body and accumulates in the abdominal cavity, sides and hips. The accumulation of excess fluid leads to a slight increase in body weight. Due to the fact that such a change occurs abruptly, rather than gradually, the musculoskeletal system does not have time to rebuild and the increased load provokes the occurrence of pain, giving back.

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Another common reason is features of the development and location of reproductive organs. In many women, the uterus has a special structure - it is bent and located in the back of the pelvis, because of which, the sensitivity of the nerve endings of this area increases and there is a strong pain in the lower back not only during the critical days, but also until the start of the discharge.

Hormonal background changes throughout the cycle, but 1-2 days before the onset of menstruation, the production of estrogen and progesterone is significantly reduced - the body independently regulates the concentration of hormones - this is necessary for rejection of the endometrium and cell regeneration.

Bloating during menstruation - one of the most common problems. Flatulence can occur at different stages of the cycle, but most often accompanies ovulation and menstruation — during these periods the hormonal balance is most changed, which affects the digestive processes. Due to abdominal distention, unpleasant painful sensations of varying severity can also occur - it depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Pathological causes of lower back pain during menstruation

There is also a situation where back pain can be a wake-up call and a signal to see a doctor. Sometimes urgent hospitalization is necessary. So, the causes of pain, which are considered pathological.

  • Adhesions in the uterus can be a serious reason for the appearance of pain. They are formed on the mucous membrane as a result of acute inflammatory processes. Adhesions are dangerous not only because they can lead to pain, they interfere with the normal discharge of the endometrium and menstrual blood, which can lead to the development of the inflammatory process. As a rule, because of the formed adhesions, the lower abdomen and lower back are sore only during the menstruation period, and the discomfort bothers the woman a little during normal times. Adhesions may also be an obstacle to the normal development of pregnancy in the future.
  • The presence of a sluggish inflammatory process triggered by sexually transmitted infections is also considered a pathological cause of pain. In such cases, in addition to pain, venereal diseases are also manifested by an unpleasant odor of discharge, sometimes a rise in body temperature to 37–38 degrees, the appearance of rash and itching. If abdominal pain occurs regularly during menstruation and this is accompanied by the symptoms described, a gynecologist will definitely prescribe a study aimed at identifying pathogens.

  • Endometriosis is a disease characterized by excessive development and growth of the endometrial layer. Because of this, pain arises during menstruation. The growth of the endometrium can be a prerequisite for the development of benign and malignant tumors, therefore, effective treatment is required.
  • Tumor processes also cause severe pain. As a rule, in the presence of cysts, fibroids, or pathological, cancerous changes, menstrual bleeding can be very abundant, the discharge changes color and smell, body temperature rises, and pain gives back not only to the lower back, but also felt in the legs. But it’s not at all necessary that the presence of such a complex of symptoms should indicate the development of a tumor, nevertheless, only a doctor after examining and testing can determine the true cause.
  • Low back pain can be caused by pathological processes occurring in the spine or connective tissue.

Lower back pain before menstruation

Sometimes women experience PMS symptoms long before the menstrual flow. A week before the menstrual period, the lower back is aching, the stomach hurts, nausea and weakness appear - such complaints are voiced by a third of the gynecologist's patients.

  • Pathological pains are preceded by menstruation, which are accompanied by a deterioration of health, fever, chills, nausea. The causes of this phenomenon can be different - the body can react to various disruptions in the functioning of other internal organs, such as the thyroid gland or the liver.

  • A woman's body is rebuilt at all stages of the menstrual cycle and before the menstrual periods there is often a serious imbalance. Yes, and at different stages.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle, frequent stress, sleep disturbance or lack of it, the presence of chronic diseases that are not directly related to the reproductive system, can provoke menstrual disorders and the occurrence of pain at different stages. Therefore, if the lower back hurts before menstruation, sometimes it is the result of a not quite correct lifestyle.

Monthly or pregnancy

If we are talking about ectopic pregnancy - this condition, in the first place, signals about itself by the presence of severe pain. Ectopic pregnancy is dangerous because it can lead to tube rupture and even death. At the very beginning, it may not manifest itself, and only after some time, having begun to progress, it leads to sharp, unabating, paroxysmal pain, accompanied by nausea and bleeding. In this case, urgent hospitalization is required. Low back pain, the causes of which are not established, but if it is accompanied by the symptoms described, can signal a life-threatening condition.

If we are talking about a normally developing pregnancy, bleeding may occur in the days of menstruation, but in this case it is also not the norm and is considered a threat of miscarriage at an early stage. As a rule, a similar phenomenon arises as a result of the suppression of the production of hormones necessary for the development of the fetus and placenta. Unless timely measures are taken to restore hormonal levels, the consequences can be extremely negative both for the fetus and for the woman in the situation - this can lead to a fading of pregnancy or to uterine bleeding.

If there are no monthly periods on the scheduled cycle days, a fast test strip can be used at home to exclude or confirm pregnancy, which determines the level of hCG. However, it is not always positive in the case of such a dangerous condition as an ectopic pregnancy, since the level of concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin does not correspond to the actual period of development of the embryo. To identify such a deviation can only specialists, through comprehensive research. The treatment of such a pathological pregnancy is done exclusively by surgery - the fertilized egg is removed.

Ways to eliminate back pain during menstruation

If back pain during menstruation is not the result of developing malaise, pathology or inflammation, then such a condition is natural. However, pain syndrome can significantly affect the level of activity and worsen the quality of life. There are several effective ways to eliminate unpleasant sensations.

  • Hormonal support in the form of combined oral contraceptives is used to maintain hormone balance and exclude ovulation. With the regular use of potent hormonal drugs, a course that lasts up to 6 months, the menstruation becomes practically painless.
  • To relieve pain, various physical exercises are used to help relax muscles and eliminate cramps. In addition, these loads normalize blood circulation, accelerate the process of removing excess fluid from the body and reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings to pain.
  • If pulling the lower back, yoga is useful, exercises for stretching the muscles.

  • During the period of menstruation, strong physical exertion is contraindicated, which can only aggravate the pain. For this reason, they are minimized or completely excluded.
  • A calm environment, a minimum of stress and feelings - favorable conditions for the psyche, help alleviate a number of symptoms of PMS.
  • In the event that a woman suffers from pain of a physiological nature, the use of antispasmodic and painkillers is recommended, as well as temporary bed rest.
  • From pain effective is considered a warm shower. If, after menstruation, a lower abdomen can be taken, a hot bath can be taken with the addition of aromatic oils for relaxation.
  • Low back pain before menstruation, as well as during and after them - does not always signal the presence of any disease. In most cases, it is still a normal, natural response of the body to the physiological processes and changes occurring in it at this stage of the cycle.

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    Signs of pathological pain before menstruation

    If, before the onset of menstruation, a woman had severe back pain, but this was not previously observed, it is necessary to immediately go to a gynecologist and undergo a series of examinations.

    The following are examples of pathologies that are characterized by back pain, why they appear and what the consequences entail:

    • Inflammation of the genitals. The increase in organs, which leads to disruption of body functions.
    • Any violations of the structure of the uterus in the pelvic area. Bending, resizing the uterus.
    • Various infections of the uterus. May cause adhesions during the monthly cycle. Because of this, there is a tension in the uterus and an increase in pressure on the internal organs.
    • Hormonal changes. Entail a strong reduction in the work of the uterus on the eve of menstruation.
    • Heredity.
    • Tumors. Organs are enlarged due to additional tissues.
    • Ectopic pregnancy. There is a strong discomfort in the lower back.
    • Disease of the thyroid gland. The hormonal background is disturbed and the back before the beginning of menstruation is very sore.

    Ectopic pregnancy is often manifested by back pain.

    When back pain before menstruation is considered normal

    Before menstruation, some women wonder why there is nagging pain in the back and whether this is the norm. To do this, a woman should closely monitor the course of her cycle, so that later there will be no problems with childbirth.

    There are a number of reasons for which the fact that the loin hurts before the cycle begins is not a sign of any deviations:

    • Pain in the back in the early stages of menstruation. If pain occurs before menstruation during the first 3 years after their appearance, then this indicates the maturation of the egg.
    • Uterine displacement. Having learned this diagnosis, the girls immediately begin to panic and wonder why this happened to them. They should understand that this is not a dangerous phenomenon, since in some of the fair sex, before the menstruation, the uterus slightly tilts back and increases in size. Because of this position, it puts pressure on the internal organs and there may be pain in the lumbar region. Why this happens can be explained by your personal gynecologist, since every girl has a displacement of the uterus for purely individual reasons.
    • High sensitivity. There are women who have a low pain threshold and therefore all the discomfort on the eve of their monthly discharge increases several times. Accordingly, if they have a backache, then this is just incredible torment.
    • Stagnant fluid. This means that a sufficient amount of fluid does not flow from a woman’s body and this leads to hormone disruptions and back pain may occur.
    • The spiral inside the uterus.

    Regardless of whether it is dangerous or not, the pain itself does not raise the mood, so you should take certain measures to reduce it.

    And not necessarily to drink any medicine. You can make a massage in the lower back or warm it, covered with a warm blanket.

    In addition, if the lower back hurts, you can perform a series of exercises that doctors recommend before starting the cycle.

    The intrauterine device sometimes can cause back pain

    Causes of back pain before menstruation

    Soreness in the back before critical days is a kind of warning about their imminent onset. This is normal and usually does not cause panic.

    The main reasons why the lower back hurts before menstruation, as well as their manifestations are described in the following table.

    Immediately before and during critical days, the level of these hormones is greatly reduced. Therefore, in women at this time can not only hurt the back and abdomen, but appears tachycardia, chills, migraines.

    Hormonal restructuring before menstruation and provokes fluid retention in the body, which also contributes to increased pain. The longer the menstruation does not come, the stronger the muscles in the abdomen and back are over-stressed. Tissues swell and put pressure on all organs.

    Opsomenorrhea (the name is delayed menstruation) is accompanied by the first signs of pregnancy. You will notice a breast augmentation, nausea, a change in the reaction to familiar tastes and smells. However, if the pains become very severe and do not go away, it is worth consulting with a doctor, perhaps they signal an ectopic pregnancy or the beginning of a miscarriage.

    Can a loin hurt a healthy woman before menstruation? Yes, usually the back and parallel belly begin to ache a week or two before the arrival of critical days. And this is due to an increase in the uterus, as well as the action of hormones.

    2 gynecological causes

    Critical days are a test for all women's health. At this time, all hidden infections and pathologies may begin to manifest themselves.

    If the loin hurts before menstruation, the following pathologies may provoke it:

    • Hormonal imbalance resulting from endocrine disruption,

    Female hormones - this is the main cause of pain before critical days. But if their balance is disturbed, the pain can become much stronger and their duration increases. Also, disruption of the endocrine system leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle itself, it can become shorter or longer, with severe pain. If discomfort before menstruation is due to endocrine system malfunctions, then they are accompanied by sleep disturbance, irritability, weight loss, or, conversely, weight gain.

    • Inflammation of the reproductive organs.

    The presence of pain with a simultaneous increase in body temperature indicates the presence of an inflammatory process in the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. Because of inflammation, adhesions occur around the uterus and within it, which makes it difficult for blood to exit during critical days. The uterus has to contract with greater force to push the blood, so it puts a lot of pressure on the back muscles, which causes pain. Cause inflammatory processes of infection of the urogenital system, sexually transmitted.

    3 other reasons

    If the stomach and loin are sore before the menstrual period, the following pathologies can provoke it:

    Emotional fatigue greatly affects the part of the brain - the hypothalamus, which controls all the vegetative processes in the body. Exhaustion of the hypothalamus leads to an increased contraction of the uterus and as a result to pain in the abdomen and lower back. Если перенапряжение или стресс устранить, то с большой вероятностью в следующем месяце болей не будет вообще или они станут намного слабей.

    • Diseases of the urinary system,

    Sometimes the pain before the onset of critical days can provoke diseases of the kidneys, bladder, urethra. If a woman's fluid is poorly excreted from the body, then a slight swelling occurs in the internal tissues, which provokes pressure on the nerve endings, causing discomfort. You need to be screened for these diseases.

    In the presence of two-horned uterus, often before the menstrual period there are severe pains in the lower back and abdomen.

    These diseases will also cause a melon symptom:

    • Spinal hernia, osteochondrosis,

    These diseases can cause back pain before menstruation. The enlarged uterus puts pressure on the nerve roots of the spinal cord, causing severe pain in the back, genitals, and abdomen. Pain can be given to the lower limbs and chest.

    Uterine fibroids, cysts, and other neoplasms in the pelvic organs prevent the outflow of blood, which leads to an increase in the organs of the reproductive system. Before menstruation, the uterus increases even more, which provokes the appearance of pain in the lumbar region, abdomen.

    Since the causes of pain in the abdomen and back before menstruation are many, they can be both natural, physiological, and pathological, it is not recommended to try to get rid of them on your own. It is better to check with the doctor and when he confirms that there is nothing terrible, you can take the recommended painkillers.

    Treatment of back pain before menstruation

    Pain caused by natural causes or pathology. But if your lower back hurts before the menstrual period, then you should not stuff yourself with antispasmodics, it is better to consult with the gynecologist, who will not only identify the cause of the pain, but also prescribe treatment or prescribe drugs that eliminate pain in the lower back.

    During the visit to the doctor to determine the cause of pain in the abdomen and back before menstruation a specialist conducts the following activities:

    • asks the patient about the nature of the pain, their intensity, regularity of appearance,
    • collects family history to identify the facts of this kind of uncomfortable sensations from immediate relatives in the female line,
    • conducts a gynecological examination, during which smears are taken on the flora, genital infections,
    • if necessary, appoint an ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity and analysis of hormones.

    After finding out the cause of pain in the back and abdomen before the onset of critical, either treatment is prescribed in accordance with the identified pathology, or recommendations are given to reduce pain, if health is normal.

    If pains are not associated with diseases, they can be eliminated by

    According to statistics, most painkillers women take it during the period of critical days. It is not surprising, because the pains are so strong that I want to climb on the wall. The use of analgesics (Nise, Pentalgin, Analgin) or antispasmodics (Spazmalgon) helps.

    Some women are helped by the effects of heat on the area of ​​pain from the side of the abdomen or back. Sometimes warming pain relieves even better pills. Heat contributes to relieving muscle spasm and relaxation. A special thermoplaster can be obtained from the pharmacy, which is attached to the stomach or lumbar region. After half an hour you can feel a significant relief. This effect has a hot water bottle with warm water, a hot bath or shower. All these procedures contribute to the elimination of pain in the back and abdomen.

    Fingers need to massage the lower abdomen and lower back in a clockwise direction. This simple procedure relaxes spasmodic muscles well and helps reduce pain.

    To reduce premenstrual pain, some women need only enrich their diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, dairy products and limit the consumption of harmful foods (fatty, fried, smoked, canned).

    Qigong or yoga breathing exercises help relax muscles and eliminate pain.

    Many plants well help to calm down, relax, relieve pain. Only you should choose a tea or herbal collection without caffeine, as it contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels and increases the pain. The best are the fees, which include ginger, raspberry, chamomile.

    Light physical exertion

    When the loin is severely sore, the pain is facilitated by simple physical exercises for stretching, yoga, and Pilates. It is better to engage them with pleasant music. The healing effect is achieved as a result of the release of the hormones of happiness - endorphins, which are natural painkillers.

    IMPORTANT! You can not perform exercises associated with strong tension of the muscles of the back, abdominals, weight lifting. This provokes increased pain and can seriously harm your health.

    The following exercises are recommended:

    Take a starting position lying on his stomach, putting his fists under his bones with his fingers down. Connect the feet together, gently, gently lift the legs joined together as much as possible. In this position, linger for 20-30 seconds, slowly inhaling and exhaling, using the belly. Smoothly to the starting position and take a break.

    Feather on your back, gently bend your knees and pull them to your chest. Put your palms under your lower back and start slowly swinging your knees for 12 minutes. Lower the legs and rest. Exercise to perform twice.

    Lying on your back count the distance of 4 fingers down from the navel and 2 fingers to the side. Slightly squeeze this area, breathing deeply and quietly for 3 minutes.

    Natural causes of pain

    Why does the loins hurt before menstruation? If a woman feels pain in the lower back, discomfort and pain in the lower abdomen, it may indicate the features of the female body.

    1. Due to intense contractions of the uterus, stress arises in the hip part of the body,
    2. The uterus is "out of place" (rejected back). This implies the fact that before menstruation, the uterus is a bit "adds in size." While the enlarged uterus contracts, it exerts a strong pressure on the nerve centers of the organs and systems in the neighborhood. This leads to pain in the back, sacrum and lower abdomen,
    3. Some women may be sensitive to intense uterine contractions due to the low pain threshold,
    4. When a change in the hormonal profile occurs, the level of estrogen and progesterone (a soothing hormone) in the body is significantly reduced, and there is simply no one to soothe the pain of the "raging uterus"
    5. Stagnant fluids due to hormonal shifts also should not be discounted. At this point, the fluid is not excreted from the body in the right amount. The fluid presses on the nerve centers, which becomes a source of back pain,
    6. The intrauterine device can also cause pain, as it stimulates the uterus to contract more quickly.

    When should I go to the doctor?

    Of course, back pain before menstruation is not always as harmless as it seems at first glance. Monthly - this is stress. During stress, some pathological processes that lurk in the body begin to actively manifest themselves in the form of back pain.

    What reasons can?

    1. Infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. When the female genitals are infected, adhesions form on them. These same spikes, break away. That is, the uterus tries to get rid of “all that is superfluous,” and the adhesions strongly interfere with it, retaining the blood inside the uterus. Of course, the uterus resists, which leads to intensive contractions. It presses on the nerve receptors of the muscle tissue and back in the lumbar region, which causes pain.
    2. Benign tumors and formations in the uterus (around). The appearance of additional tissues increases the size of the organs of the reproductive system, which also leads to blood outflow.
    3. Diseases of the thyroid gland. Violation of the hormonal balance takes place against the background of the fact that the back strongly aches before the start of menstruation. Problems with the thyroid gland are accompanied by a number of symptoms:
      • drastic weight loss
      • sleep disturbance
      • nausea and vomiting,
      • swelling of the arms and legs,
    4. Ectopic pregnancy. This cause causes not only lower back pain, but also a number of other symptoms:
      • Pain in the head,
      • Nausea and vomiting,
      • abdominal pain,
      • disruption of the menstruation cycle.

    If before the menstrual period, in addition to back pain, other symptoms bother you and cause discomfort, you should not make diagnoses yourself. Take the legs in your hands and more in consultation! A specialist knows better what and how to treat.

    So that the back does not hurt

    To calm back pain a little before menstruation, and just to stay in a good mood, you need to perform simple exercises 3 times a week:

    1. Lie down gently on your stomach. No need to make sudden movements, everything should be smooth and natural. Put your fists under your stomach, bones down and forehead lean on the floor. Smoothly join your feet together and slowly lift your legs. Hold this position for 30 seconds, breathing slowly with your stomach. Gently return to the starting position and rest for a few minutes. Exercise perform 1 time.
    2. Also, without sudden movements, turn onto your back and bend your legs, as if you are trying to reach your chest with your knees. Place your palms under the sacrum and slowly begin to swing your knees. Do this for 12 minutes. Gently lower your legs to the floor, hands under the buttocks and rest for a few minutes. Do this exercise 2 times.
    3. Lying on your back, massage your belly clockwise, against.
    4. Lying on your back, keep breathing deeply for 3 minutes.

    These simple exercises will not only help get rid of back pain, but also set the tone for the whole day. Be healthy!

    Women due to their biological characteristics tend to experience pain in the abdomen at different periods of time: before menstruation, during and after ovulation. If you believe the statistics, six out of ten women, with constant frequency, go to the doctor with complaints that they have back pain before menstruation. It is noted that the pain initially formed in the abdomen, and then spread to the back and lower back.

    In medicine, such phenomena have a special formulation - radiating painful manifestations. Their essence lies in the fact that a person can feel pain in a place that has no relation to the cause of its occurrence, since the main feature of the radiating sensations is a reflection from the place of appearance.

    For example, if pain occurs in the back before menstruation, then the source of their manifestation is most likely located in the abdomen.

    It is believed that all processes that violate the natural blood outflow from the uterus, can provoke painful radiating sensations. Therefore, in most cases, the focus of pathology is located in the lower abdomen.

    According to medical data, at the moment about 80% of women face similar difficulties.

    Most of all suffer from the painful sensations have not given birth to mature girls and women. But, despite such disappointing statistics, women perfectly learned to cope with such pains.

    The most important thing is to identify the provoking cause and take action to prevent it.

    Causes of Lumbar Pain Before Ovulation

    What can cause the appearance of pain in the lower back on the eve of menstruation?

    1. Unnatural position of the uterus: its curvature, bend or underdevelopment of this female organ,
    2. Heredity.

    In some cases, the causes of back pain before menstruation are associated with heredity. For example, if your grandmother or mother suffered from discomfort on the eve of menstruation, then you may experience similar pain caused by natural physiological processes.

    1. Inflammatory processes occurring in the genitals - diseases of the uterus or its cervix, tubes and ovaries,
    2. Installed intrauterine device.

    It causes increased contractions of this muscular organ, as a result of which a woman may feel pain in the back before menstruation.

    1. Various neoplasms and fibroids that violate the blood outflow from the uterus,
    2. Violations in the hormonal background.

    Due to the increase in progesterone and estrogen levels, the state of the uterus is changing. The negative result of such changes are unpleasant feelings on the eve of menstruation. Regular examination by a gynecologist, control of hormonal changes will help a woman get rid of such painful syndromes.

    In order to find out the answer to the question: why does the back hurt before menstruation, it is necessary to contact the appropriate specialist - the gynecologist. After consultation, examination and testing, he will be able to conclude about the cause of your illness and prescribe a treatment regimen.

    If the cause lies in an infectious disease, then curing it, you will get rid of the painful manifestations. If your back hurts before menstruation due to changes in the hormonal background, then you will need to start consuming hormonal medications.

    In some situations, it is enough to carry out the prevention of such manifestations in order to continue to occur as little as possible.

    If the loins are severely sore before menstruation, then perhaps these sensations are symptoms of PMS - premenstrual syndrome, which in most cases manifests itself 7-11 days before the onset of menstruation. Its main symptoms are:

    • Strong headache,
    • heightened perception of noise
    • speech difficulty
    • drowsiness or insomnia
    • swelling and muscle cramps,
    • nausea and vomiting,
    • irritability, capriciousness, changes in the emotional background of a woman,
    • skin rashes that are accompanied by itching,
    • sensation as if aching the loins before menstruation,
    • increased body temperature
    • change in taste,
    • a surge or a sharp decline in sexual desire.

    Pulling on the eve of menstruation - a sign of pregnancy?

    In some cases, back pain may occur when you delay your period. In this situation, painful manifestations indicate either a violation of the natural female functions, or pregnancy.

    In the first days after ovulation has occurred, signs of pregnancy may resemble an approaching menstruation. Many women, being in an interesting position, complain of pains in the lower abdomen, noting that they are pulling the lower back.

    Before menstruation, such manifestations often indicate an unfavorable course of pregnancy, for example, a hypertonia of the uterus. Therefore, if you have sore back and in addition to the whole monthly delay, then you urgently need to see a doctor!

    The main signs of early pregnancy are:

    1. frequent urination,
    2. bowel disorder
    3. delayed menstruation,
    4. minor bleeding from the vagina,
    5. pain in the back, as if pulling the lower back, when there was a delay in menstruation,
    6. increase in basal temperature
    7. frequent headaches
    8. change in taste
    9. increased salivation,
    10. drowsiness, distraction and fatigue,
    11. increase breast sensitivity,
    12. tingling sensation inside the uterus,
    13. aversion to many smells.

    Medical and preventive recommendations

    The most effective tips:

    • control of the beginning and end of menstruation,
    • 3-4 days before the start of ovulation, taking a complex of vitamins, sedatives,
    • massage,
    • use of antispasmodic drugs.

    If you can say with certainty that you are not pregnant, but at the same time you feel that you are pulling back in front of menstruation, do not rush to panic. Take a pill of any antispasmodic or analgesic drug. Try to reduce the pain yourself with a massage, apply a heating pad to the place of pain and limit yourself for a while.

    Among other recommendations, when the loin hurts and whines before menstruation, one can single out:

    1. exclusion from the menu of citrus fruits,
    2. drinking heavy and warm drinks
    3. consulting a doctor
    4. wrapping a warm blanket, a scarf where it hurts,
    5. bed rest.

    The question of why before the menstruation of the lower back hurts, will still be relevant for a long time, as more and more women experience illness, discomfort on the eve of and during menstruation. Painful manifestations a few days before menstruation can occur for a number of serious reasons, so do not ignore them, but consult a doctor immediately.

    A medical specialist will conduct an examination and find out the causative factor. And this means that you will be informed about your condition and will know exactly how you can get rid of pain.

    It is important to remember that on your own you can only reduce the painful syndrome, so do not take risks and do not refuse professional medical care!

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    According to statistics, almost every fourth woman has a back pain before menstruation. What does this syndrome mean - a natural process or an alarming sign that signals a serious disease?

    1. Causes of back pain
    2. Pathology detection
    3. After menstruation the loin hurts: what is the reason?
    4. How to get rid of painful sensations

    Causes of back pain

    Doctors believe that if during the critical days there is a feeling of discomfort in the back, this is quite normal. During this period, the inner layer of the epithelium is rejected by the uterus, it contracts and creates a certain tension in this zone.

    Pain before the start of the menstrual cycle and back pain during menstruation may be due to a number of factors that doctors do not attribute to pathological deviations:

    Disruption of hormonal balance. If more prostaglandins are secreted in the body than progesterones, muscle contraction in the back occurs in the process of uterine contraction. In addition, when hormonal failure occurs, symptoms such as irritability, allergic rashes and migraines are observed. As soon as the first discharge appears, these signs usually disappear.

    • • High thyroid activity. In this case, the discomfort is accompanied by weight loss, insomnia and rapid pulse.
    • • Before menstruation, backache often occurs in women with an increased amount of estrogen. Menstruation itself is usually characterized by profuse and prolonged bleeding.
    • • Small uterus size. In women with such anatomical features, during the period of critical days, there is often a feeling of discomfort in the sacrum area.
    • • Uterine pressure on the nerve plexus. A pulling feeling in the abdomen and the sacrum arises if the organ has a non-standard location, or rather, it is somewhat bent backwards.
    • • Women who are interested in why during menstruation the backache hurts sometimes do not suggest that body fluid stagnation can cause an unpleasant syndrome. This problem often occurs due to hormonal failure. As a result, the internal tissues swell, which leads to a strong pressure on the nerve endings, and a feeling of discomfort in the back area.
    • • Heredity. If the sacrum hurts before menstruation or during the first days of the menstrual cycle, it is possible that this is due to hereditary predisposition.
    • • Spiral. The presence of the helix sometimes causes discomfort during critical days, since in this case the uterus is often reduced.

    Pathology detection

    If a woman has never experienced any pain before the beginning of the menstrual cycle, and suddenly they suddenly appeared, she may well have a question - why does the loin hurt before the menstruation period? There are also cases where the feeling of discomfort in the sacrum, accompanying each month, gives way to more severe and sharp pain. Such symptoms are alarming indicators indicating the presence of a disease. In order to prevent possible complications, it is recommended to consult a qualified doctor.
    Low back pain during menstruation and before they start may be due to the following pathologies:

    • • Infectious diseases of the urogenital system, triggering a violation of the outflow of blood from the uterus. The organ tries, but it fails to push the secretions out, resulting in spasms.
    • • They provoke the development of pain syndrome, malignant and benign tumors, fibroids and cysts. If pulls back after menstruation, this can also be a sign of these pathologies.
    • • Diseases of the thyroid gland often lead to the fact that women who have previously endured the arrival of critical days painlessly begin to experience severe discomfort during this period. Endocrine diseases are accompanied by the following symptoms: irritability, loss of body weight with increased appetite, insomnia.
    • • If, during menstruation, the loin is sore, it is possible that an ectopic pregnancy has provoked an unpleasant syndrome, due to which the outflow of blood discharge is blocked.

    If one or more of the above symptoms are detected, do not self-medicate, as this will only worsen the situation. It is better to contact an experienced specialist, who will conduct a diagnostic examination, and determine why the lower back hurts during menstruation. Treatment methods are prescribed based on the disease that caused the problem. As a rule, they include the use of medications, as well as surgery.

    After menstruation the loin hurts: what is the reason?

    If after the end of the menstrual cycle, the woman feels painful manifestations, it is quite possible that she suffers from any disease of the genital organs. The most common diseases include:

    • • Ovarian hyperstimulation.
    • • Ovarian apoplexy.
    • • Peritonitis.
    • • Changing the position of the ovarian appendages.
    • • A cyst or swelling in the genitals.
    • • After menstruation, lower abdomen and lower back aches are often caused by an inflammatory process in the ovaries (adnexitis).

    How to get rid of painful sensations

    If the doctor has not found any serious abnormalities, you can get rid of the problem at home. The most effective method is charging. If you exercise for several days before the start of the menstrual cycle, the pain will not appear or will not be as intense as before.

    Massage of the sacrum is also one of the most effective methods. If pulling the lower back before menstruation, it is recommended to massage the back clockwise. Another way - to warm this area, tied it with a warm scarf or shawl.

    Why does the loins hurt before menstruation? This question worries every fourth woman. Is the pain related to the cycle and is it normal?

    Or is there a problem in the body that gets worse during the period? These and many other questions are looking for answers in the article.

    Natural explanation of the disease

    Soreness can be caused by the physiological characteristics of the female body. Namely:

    1. In the pelvic region there is tension associated with the muscular contractions of the uterus.

    2. The uterus is anatomically somewhat rejected. Increasing slightly before menstruation and contracting during them, it pushes against the nerve receptors of nearby organs and systems. For this reason, pain in the lower abdomen, lower back and sacrum.

    3. Increased sensitivity of some women. They have a very low pain threshold, so their body reacts strongly to uterine contractions.

    4. Changes in hormonal levels. Contractions of the uterus stimulate prostaglandins. The more of them, the stronger the organ contracts and the more intense the pain. At the same time, estrogen and progesterone levels decrease with the onset of menstruation. And there is no one to blunt the pain (estrogen - “the hormone of happiness and euphoria”, progesterone - “soothing hormone”).

    5. Hormonal shift leads to stagnant fluids in the body. It is not displayed in the right quantity. Edema of the internal tissues occurs and, accordingly, pressure on the nerve endings. Women experience pain (find out also: the causes of acne before menstruation).

    6. Intrauterine device. It causes the uterus to contract more strongly. Therefore, there is pain.

    Hereditary predisposition is also important. If the grandmother and mother suffered, then their daughters and granddaughters will most likely suffer.

    Reason to consult a doctor

    Unfortunately, back pain is not always harmless. Before menstruation hormonal failure occurs. And some pathological processes more actively manifest themselves. They interfere with the natural removal of blood from the uterus. Therefore, there is pain. Consider the reasons.

    First, a common cause is an infection in the genitourinary system. Inflammation in the female genital organs leads to the formation of adhesions in and around the uterus. This disrupts the outflow of blood. The uterus tries to push it, and the adhesions interfere with it. It shrinks more intensely, more strongly. As a result, it presses on the nerve fibers of the back muscles in the lumbar region. There is pain.

    Secondly, benign tumors to the uterus and around it (cysts, fibroids, etc.). They change the natural size of the reproductive organs. The result is the same - the outflow of blood is disturbed.

    Thirdly, thyroid dysfunction. The hormonal balance is disturbed. And it can provoke back pain before menstruation. Confirmation of this diagnosis will be associated pain symptoms:

    • drastic weight loss (even with increased appetite),
    • sleep disturbance (insomnia or drowsiness, desire to sleep during the day),
    • nausea,
    • swelling of limbs.

    Fourth, ectopic pregnancy. Severe pain in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting, headache and other signs of a real pregnancy joins back pain. Plus, the periods themselves go wrong.

    In such a situation, guessing is not only useless, but also dangerous. Check with your doctor. Better to be safe on this account. If nothing is found - great. Remove pain with antispasmodics or nonsteroidal drugs, rest more, put a heating pad on the lower back or wrap it with a woolen scarf.

    What to do if the pain arose for the first time?

    First of all do not panic. Try to reassure yourself that the vast majority of women and girls experience painful sensations a week before their periods. Often this discomfort is hereditary. If women in your family faced such unpleasant phenomena, then, most likely, you inherited the tendency to pain before critical days. So what needs to be done? How to help yourself with lumbar pain?

    The very first tool - taking painkillers. But do not get too carried away with such drugs. An analgesic will only reduce the unpleasant symptoms for a while, then the pain may resume. It is better to quietly lie still for some time.

    The use of heat or mustard plaster on the lower back is contraindicated. But the warming belt made of natural wool helps very well: it eliminates spasms by gently warming up the muscles.

    If the pain is strong and long, you need to contact a specialist to find out the reason for their occurrence. No need to fear a visit to the gynecologist. The doctor will prescribe you drugs that will significantly ease your condition. Even if the examination found an inflammatory process, you will be assigned a procedure that can quickly get rid of the disease.

    Preventive actions

    The complex of simple therapeutic exercises will soothe the pain before menstruation. You can do these exercises three times a week, and the result will not take long.

    1. Lie on your stomach. Carefully move your fists under your belly, place your forehead and finger bones on the floor. Soak in this position for half a minute, trying to breathe evenly with the stomach.
    2. Lie on your back, bend your knees, as if trying to get your knees up to your chest. The palms are under the sacrum area. Perform swinging movements with your feet for 12 minutes.
    3. Lying on your back, evenly and deeply breathe belly.
    4. In the supine position, massage the abdominal area in a circular motion (clockwise and then against).

    These simple exercises will not only reduce lumbar pains, but also serve as invigorating exercises for the whole day.


    Fatty fish (salmon, sardines, halibut) are an excellent remedy for discomfort in the abdomen and lower back before menstruation. The fatty acids they contain contribute to the reduction of smooth muscle spasms. Good sources of fatty acids are pumpkin seeds, linseed oil (it can be used for salad dressing). Try to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Of the cereals, oatmeal, brown rice, millet, and barley are useful. Potassium contained in these foods has a mild diuretic effect, fiber improves intestinal function, and magnesium and calcium help relieve muscle spasms. In addition, these products have anti-inflammatory action.

    But dairy products and salt, if during PMS the loin hurts, you need to limit it. Milk can cause swelling of the intestines, and salt retains fluid in the body, causing edema. Meat should also be consumed in small quantities.

    Well helps to reduce the painful phenomena and herbal collection (all the ingredients are taken equally, filled with boiling water and infused for about an hour). The collection includes: buckthorn, birch leaf, viburnum bark, heather, ginger root. Begin to take half a glass three times a day about a week before the menstruation and drink it until the end of the critical days.

    Pain in the lumbar region before menstruation can not be called a pleasant phenomenon. Listen to your body: if the discomfort is minor, the lower back or lower abdomen does not hurt much - recipes of traditional medicine will help. If the pain becomes unbearable - run to the doctor! Only he will help to determine the true causes of poor health and restore the normal state of the body. Self-medication only hurts!

    Causes of low back pain

    Natural physiological factors include swelling of tissues in the organs of the reproductive system before menstruation, a decrease in estrogen, an increase in prostaglandins, the preparation of the uterus and cervical canal to the output of the endometrium. Progesterone affects the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, and in women during PMS there is discomfort in the lower abdomen or throughout the intestines. The enlarged body of the uterus due to edema, the presence of a benign tumor, hyperemia of the inflamed tissue puts pressure on the nerve endings, causing lower back pain.

    Causes of discomfort in the back before menstruation:

    • thyroid dysfunction, reproductive system glands,
    • infectious diseases (salpingitis, adnexitis, vulvitis and others),
    • squeezing of a part of the reproductive organ by a tumor,
    • congenital pathology or heredity,
    • the difficulty of the outflow of menstrual blood through the cervix due to adhesions,
    • installation of intrauterine device,
    • low pain threshold.

    At risk are girls, whose menstrual cycle only stabilizes, women over 40 years of age, because their bodies are preparing for menopause, women with chronic or acute diseases associated with the reproductive system, osteoporosis, osteochondrosis.

    Lower back pain on the background of gynecological diseases

    Pathological causes of discomfort: polycystic ovary, endometritis, vaginitis. If the lumbar loins for the first time before the menstruation, it is necessary to be examined and start a quick treatment.

    Polycystic disease occurs due to a violation of neuro-exchange, against the background of which more androgens, prostaglandins are produced, and the ovaries are covered with cysts.

    They do not allow a ripe egg cell to leave the capsule, which indirectly causes lower back pain before menstruation. Pathology refers to the disruption of the activity of the endocrine glands. Causes: heredity, obesity, difficult pregnancy and childbirth, irregular sex, poor ecology, the use of food that was stored in low-quality plastic containers. Symptoms

    Polycystic is associated with the fact that the sacrum, lower back and ovaries are sore.

    Endometritis is called inflammation of the intrauterine membranes of the acute and chronic forms. The main cause of pathology is the penetration of infection from the outside due to poor intimate hygiene, frequent change of sexual partners, abortion outside the walls of the medical institution. Symptoms are smoothed out, often only the lumbar region starts to hurt. During exacerbation, the temperature rises, menstruation is difficult to proceed. The neglect of pathology threatens with complications requiring surgical intervention or inpatient treatment.

    When vaginitis, the mucous membrane of the vagina is inflamed, with the risk of adhering to the process of nearby tissues: the labia, clitoris (vulvovaginitis). Causes are diseases transmitted in the process of unprotected sexual intercourse, endocrine and immune system pathologies, and antibiotics. It is necessary to carry out laboratory tests to identify the exact provoking factors and eliminate them with adequate treatment. Be sure to recommend until full recovery to stop having sex.

    Ectopic pregnancy and lumbar pains before menstruation

    Pathology is associated with improper implantation of the embryo. In an ectopic pregnancy, a fertilized egg can remain inside the fallopian tube and begin division there. As a result of the development of the ovum, a woman begins to hurt in the lower abdomen and lower back after a few weeks. When the embryo ceases to be placed inside the tube, its walls break, heavy bleeding occurs, death is possible if the operation is not performed promptly.
    Causes of ectopic pregnancy: adhesions, infectious diseases of the reproductive organs or their congenital anomalies, intrauterine device, hormonal imbalance, tumors, frequent abortions. The main symptoms are pain, which temporarily relieves the effect of the analgesic, and blood discharge after sexual intercourse. Remove the ovum only by surgery, followed by a rehabilitation period. After the operation recommended fractional nutrition.

    Lumbar pain treatment for menstruation

    When girls have menarche, mom needs to find out if it hurts in front of menstruation in the lower abdomen and back. If there is discomfort, you should first consult a gynecologist, undergo an extended medical examination.

    After diagnosis, the doctor determines the treatment corresponding to the identified disease. If there are no pathologies in the gynecological, endocrine or other field, the specialist selects a comprehensive method for eliminating the discomfort that occurs every month: pain medication, phytotherapy, massage or stroking, gymnastics. Врач подскажет, как лучше мобилизовать свой внутренний резерв, чтобы контролировать организм.

    Of the drugs to reduce lower back pain, No-shpu, Spazmalgon, Baralgin, Papaverine, Aspirin, Tamipul and similar drugs are most often used. Menstruation does not cause acute back pain if a woman or girl takes a multivitamin complex, observing daily doses.

    From herbal remedies well helps decoction of sorrel root, an infusion of flowers of tansy or shepherd's purse, tea from strawberry leaves. It should be remembered that the vegetable raw materials, in addition to useful properties, also have side effects, therefore it is recommended to take the dosage and herbal remedies only with the permission of the doctor.

    Exercises from back pain before menstruation

    There is a special gymnastics approved by doctors. If the back pain is explained by the physiology of the female body, and their causes are not associated with diseases, exercises begin to perform 1-2 weeks before menstruation every other day.

    The classical knee-elbow position will be useful for pain relief. Position held for 3-5 minutes, relaxing the muscles of the waist and neck, dangling his head.

    In addition, you can lay your back on an elastic surface, bend so that your knees are pressed against your chest, and your chin is pulled towards the clavicular fossa. Hands should be placed under the sacrum back up, begin to gently sway to the right-left and forward-back. It is allowed to move only bent legs without tearing the shoulder blades from the floor.

    Lying on your back, you need to raise the feet up to the ceiling so that the legs are exactly extended and strictly perpendicular to the floor. It is important to observe the angle of 90 ° (straight).

    At the final stage, you should do a breathing exercise: 1-3 minutes deeply inhale, then gently stroking the stomach in a clockwise direction, having passed 5-12 circles.

    The task of gymnastics is to return the uterus to the optimum position for the flow of menstrual blood. Exercises also relieve cramps that develop due to an excess of prostaglandins, which increase the contraction of the uterine muscles.


    Low back pain before menstruation is associated with impaired functioning of the endocrine, urogenital or central nervous system, or the presence of pathology. Doctors strongly recommend not to miss a routine gynecological examinations and undergo a full therapeutic course for any diseases. The only positive reason why the pre-menses sore backache is the early stage of pregnancy.